Alpha Chi has given me more than enough opportunity to grow as an individual and then move on to inspire. 

Oh, how the scarlet red and olive green fill me with a joyous gleam only to be matched by the terrific scene of a warm Christmas fire.

And while diamonds may be some girls’ best friend, nothing else at the end matches up to the pearl that is encrusted in the golden lyre. 

To think to seek the heights alone would do nothing but make me grown but our togetherness is always shown through our unities and desires.    

Starting at DePauw up north, I’m forever glad Alpha Chi went forth and founded various chapters until TCU’s residency they acquired. 

How I could go on for days just continuing on with this praise, with this final line I’ll retire.

If anyone knows anything about me and my college experience, thus far, they know I currently only have one apple of my eye. Although a love poem to a Greek organization might come off as weird, maybe even bizarre, I never get tired of speaking how much my chapter has given me since I was lucky enough to receive a bid two short years ago.      

Alpha Chi Omega has given me the opportunity to be rooted in an amazing group of girls making change on campus, and in the world around it, but it has also given me the chance to branch out and discover who I am and what kind of person I want to become. Without A Chi O, I would have had no foundation, no community at TCU to help build me as a human being and become someone who can go out and make a difference.      

Thank you, Alpha Chi. Thank you for helping me find a path to take in order to find myself, and in order to grow as a human being. Thank you for being there on my days, filled with stumbles, to pick me back up; and thank you for being there on days of triumph as my biggest cheering squad. Thank you for giving me my best friends, my roommate, my TCU family, and 200 other women I look up to in order to see how they make change. Thank you for not only giving me these things, but also letting me participate in the connection. 

And with that I give my final bow while leaving y’all with a continuous vow my life is better with Alpha Chi than prior.